June 21, 2022
Backend Developer

Introspecting Conduit v0.13

Tldr; We added support for database introspection and API client library generation, built a CLI, revamped service discovery, implemented the gRPC health check protocol, introduced new configuration options, pimped up the admin panel and fixed a lot of bugs among other things.

Database Introspection

This release introduces database introspection across both MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases

Got an existing project you wish to migrate over? All you gotta do is have Conduit connect to your existing database, bring up the administration panel, head to the Database section and let Conduit take care of it.

We got a CLI

We built a cli utility to help people interested in using, or even developing, Conduit stay efficient.

We intend to natively package and release it on multiple repos down the line, but for the time being you can grab it from npm or build it yourself.

Module Communication

We took a first step towards revamping our service discovery for modules. This is just a the beginning, with way more stability improvements already in queue for upcoming versions.

All modules may now be started in any random order and they'll just work as long as their dependencies are eventually brought up.

There's now an additional layer of protection available for administrative requests performed through gRPC, where a common private key string is required for said requests to go through. gRPC request protection is entirely optional. To enable it, provide a private key using the`GRPC_KEY` env var value across all of your modules.

We also implemented better checks for module availability so that optional features depending on unavailable modules are simply turned off, until their dependencies are online and serving, instead of blocking the entire module from starting.

API Clients & Documentation

This release introduces REST/GraphQL API client library generation through the CLI.

Swagger route documentation generation for REST APIs has been greatly improved.

Security Changes

Security client id/secret pair validation is now optional and disabled out of the box.

We still recommend turning this on for production environments, but having it off by default should allow for smoother experimentation.

Security clients may now also include aliases and notes.

Domain origins are now properly validated for web client types.

Moar Features

We implemented the gRPC health check protocol, meaning you may now find out a module's serving status and even subscribe to updates regarding its health state.

Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) is now supported as a storage provider. Cookie support has been added so that you can authenticate without Authorization headers.

Chat invitation notifications have been added, with email and push-notifications support so that users are no longer automatically added to rooms against their will

You may now specify on the Authentication module if a user can have multiple active sessions either in general or per client.

CRUD operations for custom schemas may now be enabled and configured individually.

Admin panel is now approximately 404% sleeker 😎.

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