August 26, 2022
Back-End Developer

Conduit Metrics

Tldr; Conduit now provides a Prometheus metrics endpoint for each module, allowing you to collect metrics and monitor your entire deployment.


To learn how to enable Metrics for your Conduit application, check out this guide.

Monitoring Modules

Being able to observe your status of your backend and make decisions based on that is critical to the success of your application. Since Conduit is a modular application, where each module is a separate entity, scaling your backend without having a way to keep an eye on important values such as health states, number of requests etc can be a challenge. That's why it is often the case that you need a metrics collection system that can easily provide you with insights into your application without bothering you with the details of setting it up yourself.

Conduit provides you with the ability to enable metrics collection and expose a Prometheus endpoint for each module in a separate HTTP server. To learn how to set it up, check out our docs. Since metrics are only enabled for modules that have been given the METRICS_PORT environment variable, it is possible to select which ones you want to enable metrics for, providing you with fine-grained control over the observability of your platform.

When metrics are enabled for a module, there are two different sets of them available. The first is Base Metrics which keeps track of some essential values for each module instance like request count, health state, and request latency. The name of the module as well as its instance are contained in the labels of each metric.

base metrics

The other is module-specific metrics that help you view the behavior of that module only. For instance the Storage module provides you with metrics for the number of containers, folders and files created as well as the total size of those files.storage metrics

Next up

While this release brings a lot of improvements in the platform, we're excited for the things to come! Here's a sneak peek of the things we're working on: - Add metrics charts to the admin panel - Add Roles/Permissions in authentication - Create a dedicated authz module for authorization. - Multi-database connections support - Maybe some serverless magix? who knows.

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