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Version: v0.15

Getting Started


# Select Email while configuring your modules
npx @conduitplatform/cli deploy --config

At this point, you should have a functional Email instance.
You may now manage your templates and send emails through the Admin Panel.

Sending Emails

Sending emails requires that you configure the Email module with any of the supported email providers.

Send an email


You may create custom email templates from the Templates tab.
Simply select your desired template while sending an email to apply it.

Using Variables

The Email module supports template variable interpolation (eg: {{variable}})

Create template with variables

All you have to do is to select your template while sending an email.

Send an email with variables

Find out more about variables and Handlebars expressions here.

Import a template

The Email module supports importing template directly from email providers.
Upon selecting your desired template, you'll be shown a preview of the template.
Once you confirm the import action, your template will be readily available for use by the Email module.

Import Email Template

Synchronize external templates

This option synchronizes any locally stored external templates with their latest versions available in the remote provider.