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Version: v0.15

The Good Stuff

Ok what can you do?

Nice of you to ask! (ignore the conversations we are having with ourselves)
We actually have a bunch of features per module, so let us give you an overview

Core Features ✔️

  • Routing
    • Application & Administration APIs with automatic input validation, middleware support and caching
    • REST API support
    • GraphQL API support
    • WebSockets support (via
    • Auto-Doc for REST (Swagger) & GraphQL (not the Fallout kind, don't sue us pliz)
  • Basic Security built-in for Application APIs
    • Optional client id/secret for all application requests
    • Built-in rate limiting
    • Basic security headers through Helmet
  • In-memory database through Redis
  • Configuration management for all modules (even your custom ones)
  • gRPC
  • Authentication
    • Auth middleware exposure to protect routes
    • Email/password authentication
    • Social logins (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Figma, GitHub, Slack, Twitch etc)
    • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Database
    • Works with Mongo & SQL (PostgreSQL)
    • Provides consistent API for both technologies
    • CMS capabilities for the Admin Panel
    • Support for importing established databases through introspection
    • Schema extension for Conduit Schemas (allows you to store data inside system schemas without breaking anything)
  • Email
    • Send transactional emails with you favourite provider
    • Supports email templates
    • Syncs 2-way with your provider, so edit your templates there or on Conduit, doesn't matter
  • SMS
    • Send SMS messages for 2FA or just to keep in touch with your friends (or users more likely)
    • SMS template support (coming soon™ or later)
  • Push Notifications
    • Supports FCM to send push notifications to your users
    • Support for OneSignal and more providers coming soon.
  • Storage
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Azure
    • Amazon S3
    • Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun)
    • Store blobs to your favourite provider
    • Manage access to blobs (can be public or authenticated)
  • Chat
    • Uses sockets to support user chats
    • Group chats
    • Message reads
  • Forms
    • Form submission
    • Reply retrieval