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Version: v0.14

We are still working on our documentation and improving it on a daily basis.
If you're having any sort of trouble, please don't refrain from contacting us.


The only Backend you'll ever need.

Conduit is a self-hosted backend aiming to cut down development times by providing common functionality through ready-made modules, while offering maximum flexibility through extensions and custom modules.

Why write and debug the same boilerplate code for every project when you can focus on implementing the features that genuinely matter for your unique application.
Conduit takes care of all the tedious tasks that come with developing a backend from scratch, allowing you to spend your time building APIs that are going to properly support your project's needs and make it stand out.

Yes, but WHAT is it exactly?

You can call it a Firebase alternative, a Parse alternative, an insert-tool-name-here alternative, a low-code tool, a platform or anything in-between. At the end of the day, Conduit was built by developers that have tried all BaaS platforms from 2014 onwards and found them lacking one way or the other.

A real world story

You begin your project with the hottest BaaS platform of the day, it has everything you want until you want to change your architecture, scale your product or add that very specific functionality your app needs and you can't, so you end up creating a spaghetti architecture to call the BaaS APIs or move the business logic to your front-end. Sounds familiar?

Well, if it does, then Conduit was built for you.

What's so different?

It's meant to work the same way you'd expect your own code to, allowing you to extend it as your business grows. Want to scale your authentication? You can do that. Want to create a specific logic? Write your microservice as you would, except now you need 50% less code since Conduit takes care of the typical stuff for you. Want a custom query to run in the DB, but you don't want to write code? Well, it does that too.

Conduit does not limit in any way, and allows you to build on it your MVP, and continue building when you reach a million users. It's meant to grow with you and provide you with everything you may ever need. And for the things that you don't want? Well, you can just skip those, after all everything in Conduit is a micro-service, so if you don't need something don't start it up, simple as that.

Do I need to use a specific SDK to work with it?

Not necessarily. As a front-end developer, Conduit provides you with a Swagger URL (and its JSON) so you can generate your own client library or write it from scratch. The same is true for GraphQL. All routes exposed by Conduit auto-generate Swagger and GraphQL documentation so that you always know exactly what's available and how to use it.

If you're a backend developer or otherwise wish to extend Conduit's functionality, we've built a sugar-packed Node.js SDK to help you write beautiful code for your microservices. But you're not required to use it, you can simply use the protofiles for the Conduit version you'll be deploying and generate your own clients to communicate with it in any language that supports gRPC.

We intend to create additional SDKs for all major languages so that you can integrate with Conduit even more easily. Or maybe you can help us create an SDK for your favourite language?