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Version: v0.14

Some of the following commands may not be supported on outdated Conduit deployments.
To guarantee ideal compatibility, try and stick to the latest versions of Conduit and Conduit CLI.

Conduit CLI

Conduit's CLI is a multipurpose tool that's meant to facilitate your development experience and speed up your work regardless of whether you're deploying a Conduit instance for your project, developing custom modules or even contributing to the upstream project in your spare time.

If you treat it right, it's gonna deploy local instances of Conduit for you, provide API client library generation for your frontend team, generate some TypeScript code for your custom modules and even handle your laundry... nah, wait I thought we were not actually releasing this one until the next release, right?

Anyway, point is, you're most likely going to want to use this, so stick around if you wish to find out how to go about it.


While the use of Docker is not required for every single piece of functionality provided, for most typical use cases you're going to need Docker installed and configured so that your user is capable of utilizing it without superuser privileges.
For Linux users, this usually means adding your user to the docker group.

You're also going to need some form of support for docker compose.
Conduit's CLI supports both v2 and v1. The former comes pre-installed with the latest versions of Docker Desktop.



Windows users should install through WSL.

sh <(curl -s

Bootstrapping Local Deployments

Deploys a local instance of Conduit using containers.
By default, it's going to pick the latest stable release, select MongoDB as your database engine and bring up any modules or features deemed essential for a barebones configuration.

If you wish to explicitly select your target Conduit version, db type or pick and configure your module selection you should make sure to specify --configure while invoking this.

Make sure Docker is running before proceeding.

Bootstrap a Conduit deployment
conduit deploy setup --config
Find out more
conduit deploy --help

API Client Library Generation

Generates an API client library for Conduit.
Supports both REST and GraphQL APIs.

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conduit generateClient --help

Schema Generation

Generates a compatible Conduit schema TypeScript file based on your deployment's schemas.
This command is extremely useful if you're trying to build your own custom module.
Make use of Database module's CMS functionality to create a custom schema, then use this command to generate a schema file for it.

Find out more
conduit generateSchema --help