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Version: v0.14

Getting Started


# Select Storage while configuring your modules
npx @conduitplatform/cli deploy --config
Notice: This module is disabled by default as it requires initial configuration.

Selecting Local storage as your provider is the fastest way to get started.
For more information on how to configure the Storage module, see Configuration.

Using the Admin Panel

Creating a Container

Creating your own file system requires that you create a container first.

Create container

After creating a container, you may now populate your file system.

Create a Folder

Choose a name for your folder and select the container where you wish to store it.

Create Folder

Repeat the same process for creating additional subfolders.

Store a file in a folder

Optianally, navigate to the folder where you wish the file to be stored in.
Example: /mycontainer/myfolder

Create File Empty

Click on Add and specify your file's details.

Create File Filled

Save your file.